Flush Automatic Urine Board for Dogs

HAPPYLOO was Born!

Product introduction

“Happyloo” is a flushing dog’s automatic bowel plate.

It is an eco-friendly product that dogs use easily and wash urine with water and move it to the wastewater container, so it is an eco-friendly product that does not generate odors and garbage.

It is a high-tech product patented in foreign countries.

Features and Benefits

“Happyloo” is very convenient as an automatic urine cleaner that is washed with water.

  1. It’s the same as the existing potty plate, so dogs use it easily.
  2. Because it cleans automatically, it doesn’t smell in the house, so it’s pleasant and very good for children’s health.
  3. It is an eco-friendly product that does not generate any pad waste by washing it with water and treating it with a wastewater container.
  4. It is economical because it does not cost the price of the pad or the garbage bag.
  5. This size can be used from small to large dogs.
  6. Simple to remove and assemble, easy to clean and free from failure.
  7. It is best suited for puppy eye level and has the highest consumer satisfaction.
Trends in the pet industry

The global pet industry is on a steady rise in sales. However, dog defecation products that have been released so far have not satisfied consumers, and if you try to clean your feces as a person wants, dogs with low intelligence cannot use them properly.

However, after studying and supplementing those problems for a long time, the final version of Happyloo was completed.

The satisfaction of domestic consumers is beyond imagination.

From 2022, we will confidently promote and advance to commercialize the global market.

Happyloo will make a new and huge change in dog culture around the world.

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It is an artificial intelligent flushing automatic urine processor that can be used without even having to lift a finger.





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